Janke Kotze, 2014 Matriculant of the Year winner

Janke Kotze, 2014 Matriculant of the Year winner

“I am looking forward to the new freedom and diverse people at Kovsies.”
Happy Holidays Kovsies

Happy Holidays Kovsies

Be Safe This Festive Season.
The UFS #FaceOfFacebook

The UFS #FaceOfFacebook

Who is it and what is it about?

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What is it to be a Kovsie?

What is it to be a Kovsie?

We ask the #PeopleOfKovsies.

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Our 2014/15 male and female Rag finalists announced

Our 2014/15 male and female Rag finalists announced

Kovsies Rag reckoned the largest per capita in South Africa.

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Compulsory National Benchmark Tests (NBTs)

Compulsory National Benchmark Tests (NBTs) 

The National Benchmark Tests are compulsory for all University of the Free State (UFS) applicants.

To book for a test, visit www.nbt.ac.za.

For more information on the NBTs at the UFS visit www.ufs.ac.za/nbt; or contact Ms Lerato Masisi at nbt@ufs.ac.za, masisilc@ufs.ac.za, 051 401 2448 or Benito Khotseng Building room LG 5.

NBTs -  All you need to know

For information on:

  • What are the NBTs?
  • How does the UFS use the NBT results?
  • How do I register for the NBTs?
  • What does it cost to write the tests?
  • Which test must I write?

          Click here for 2014 information

NBT General Information

It is COMPULSORY for prospective UFS students to write the National Benchmark Tests (NBTs) before registration in 2015. We thus recommend that prospective students write the NBTs during their Grade 12 year or in 2014.

 The UFS has an NBT registration station, where students can register for the tests. This service is available at the Benito Khotseng Building, room B3 between 2pm and 4pm daily from 1 April 2014.

What information can I acquire from the NBT website, www.nbt.ac.za  / what can I use the site for?

  • Information on the content of the tests
  • NBT National Office contact details
  • Register for the test(s)
  • Request NBT results
  • See venues and dates across the country
  • and more.

Please contact the NBT call centre at 021 650 3523 should you:

  • experience any problems with the registration process, or
  • need to verify registration or information.

For more information on exemptions and about the UFS NBT requirements, email your enquiry to: nbt@ufs.ac.za   

  • To download a short presentation showing the steps to register for the NBTs online, click here. (Pdf format)

Test venue details

 Bloemfontein and Qwaqwa Campus dates and venues

  • Venues and dates are subject to change; please consult the NBT website at www.nbt.ac.za.
  • Please note that you need to register to take the tests. Registration for 2014 cycle/test sessions opens on 1 April 2014.  Register for the tests at  www.nbt.ac.za.

NBT Results

 To request your NBT results you need:

  • Your ID number (as on your "NBT answer script" and your "NBT test registration form"),
  • Your full names (As provided on the "NBT answer sheet"), and
  • Your surname (As provided on the "NBT answer sheet")

For your NBT results: Click here

NBT Contact Details

National Benchmark tests

NBT Website: www.nbt.ac.za  

Call centre: 021 650 3523

UFS Health Sciences Faculty (HSC)

  • Prospective students applying for admission to the Faculty of Health Sciences should contact Me Anandi Mynardt at 051 401 7517 or mynardta@ufs.ac.za .

    UFS Information Centre:

    051 401 3000
  • Last updated: 19 June 2014 14:58